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What Sets Us Apart

Registered Massage Therapist students studying together.
MH Vicars is regularly recommended by professionals and – most satisfying to us – by our grads

At MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy, we put you first. Our students’ needs are our first priority, and these principles guide everything we do:

Our Vision

We provide a positive and challenging learning experience that will enable our students to grow into capable, knowledgeable, and successful massage therapists.

Our Promise

Our program is a careful balance between building technical skills and healing hands.
When we make decisions about curriculum, staffing, or programming, our first priority is student success and well-being.
Students are treated as adults and always with respect.

A Curriculum You Can Trust

MH Vicars School was the first private massage therapy college in Alberta to adopt the national curriculum competency standard created by the Canadian Consortium of Massage Therapy Regulators. Vicars students are getting the same high-quality, research-based education as massage therapists in regulated provinces like BC, Ontario, and Newfoundland.

You probably already know that it’s important to choose a massage therapy college that offers a 2200-hour program – but simply looking at the number of hours that a school offers isn’t enough. There are no official curriculum or entry-to-practice standards for massage therapists in Alberta. This means the quality and type of education that you get depends on the priorities and integrity of the school you choose.

The 2200-hour requirement was set by insurance companies, who were looking for an easy way to decide which therapists’ services their plans should cover. But they didn’t set any standards for what schools should teach, or how.

But what you learn does matter. The national curriculum standard was designed by industry experts, and is used by all schools in regulated provinces. It measures practice competencies rather than hours in class – in other words, it’s about what you know. This approach to education leads to better therapists, and better outcomes for clients.

From a practitioner’s standpoint, being trained to the same minimum standard as everyone else in the country is huge. But there are schools that, unfortunately, aren’t going to do it until they have to. And that’s why it’s such an advantage what MH Vicars has done. You didn’t have to, but you did. And it shows the commitment you have to the profession at large—and it was not a small undertaking.
Christy Pritchard, Executive Director of the Massage Therapist Association of Alberta

Recognized by Industry Experts in Alberta

In addition to meeting the national standards of massage therapy education, we were the first school to earn a place on the Massage Therapist Association of Alberta’s Approved School Programs list. To make this list, a massage school or program must comply with the national curriculum as well as meet criteria for instructors and delivery methods. The Approved Programs List is an important tool in holding schools accountable for what they teach while Alberta completes the process of fully regulating the massage therapy industry.

Class Schedules That Put You First

We believe that adults shouldn’t have to choose between quality, convenience or affordability when they decide to go back to school. So we designed our massage therapy program for students who might be like you—ready for a new career, but not able to relocate or quit work to return to school. You can choose the monthly, weekly, or weekend-only class that allows you to balance your studies with your work and family life. This approach also makes the program more affordable, as most of our students continue to work while in school.

Transparency and Ethics

You deserve to attend a college that is open, honest, and on your side. We put our students’ and graduates’ well-being first whenever we make a decision, even when it takes more time or means spending more money.

You’ll notice this difference right away when you begin the application process. Unlike some schools, we don’t use a call centre, and our admissions advisors don’t employ pushy sales tactics or make misleading promises. And because they’re not on commission, their only goal is to help you make the right decision about your education. And this commitment to your welfare continues even if for some reason you’re unable to complete the program; our tuition refund policy is designed in your favour, and is significantly more generous than regulation requires.

We are accountable to our students, graduates, and the wider Alberta wellness community in multiple ways, including through our Student Advisory Panel. We are licensed by Alberta’s Private Vocational Training Branch, and abide by the business best practices set out by the Canadian Massage Therapy Council for Accreditation.

Personal Attention

When you walk into campus, the first doors you’ll see lead to our administrative and management staff. That’s no coincidence. We want you to be able to see, meet, and connect with the people who work so hard to make your school experience special. Everyone who works at Vicars is committed to your success as a student, and as a therapist. During your two years with us, you’ll get to know us well and we encourage you to speak to us whenever you’re experiencing a challenge.

Once you enroll at MH Vicars, you’ll be working closely with some of the best RMTs and massage educators in the province. Our instructors are all successful therapists who want to share their passion for massage with you. Each class is taught by a team of two instructors, and we keep our average class size to around 20 students—a student-teacher ratio of about 10:1 or better—so that you’re always guaranteed the personalized attention it takes to succeed.

Career Success

Our grads are in great demand to work in clinics, wellness centres and spas. Typically, when an employer has one of our grads on staff, they want more! We’ve been teaching massage for nearly 20 years, and the reason we know that it works is that our graduates are in great demand across the province. Each year, more than 95% of MH Vicars graduates report that they are working as RMTs within one year of graduation.

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