Student Massage Clinic

MH Vicars student giving a massage to a client. Looking for an RMT school? Come to MH Vicars.
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You Deserve Time For Yourself

Feeling stressed? Looking to pamper yourself after a long day? Join us for a massage from one of our students!

The MH Vicars Public Clinic runs throughout the week during the school year, with daytime and evening spots available. Each appointment includes an assessment, a 1-hour massage, and a short homecare consultation.

There is a trained supervisor at every clinic, and they may be present for part of the massage to offer feedback to your student therapist. We’re happy to offer a receipt, but please note that your insurance company might not cover student treatments. We do not take requests for specific therapists.

Each massage is only $35

Calgary Clinic

First appointment? Call 403-567-1451.
Returning Clients – Have an account? Book online here or call 403-567-1451.

Edmonton Clinic

First appointment? Call 780-491-0574.

Returning Clients – Have an account? Book online here or call 780-491-0574.

Learn about our free clinics!

Throughout the school year, we invite clients with specific conditions to come in for teaching clinics. These special clinics are always during the day, and appointments are free. Sign up to get email notifications about upcoming clinics in Edmonton and Calgary!

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