Upgrade Your Skills to Become a Registered Massage Therapist

A group of students training how to do massage. If you're interested in doing a massage therapist course then come to MH Vicars.
Train and certify to be recognized by professional associations and insurance companies

Already Practicing? Become an RMT in as Little as 1 Year!

We offer an Advanced Placement option for massage therapists who want to upgrade to a 2200-hour diploma.

Are you a relaxation therapist who wants to be able to treat orthopedic conditions? Do you want to increase your earning potential, and be recognized by all Alberta professional associations and insurance companies? Do you want to be able to practice across Canada? Then the MH Vicars Advanced Placement program may be right for you.

Upgrade Your Existing Massage Therapy Skills

Advanced Placement allows eligible therapists to join our program at the beginning of second year, and earn a full 2200-hour diploma. You’ll refine and build on your existing skills with a focus on assessment and treatment planning and therapeutic techniques.

Subjects include:

  • Therapeutic Massage Techniques
  • Orthopedic Assessment
  • Treatment Planning
  • Remedial Exercise
  • Advanced Anatomy and Physiology
  • …and more!

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Who is Advanced Placement for?

Our Advanced Placement program is designed for therapists with fewer than 2200 hours of training who want to upgrade their practice. You’ll add to your skills and scope of practice, increase your earning power, meet all Alberta association and insurance company standards, and even be able to practice anywhere in Canada!

The AP route is most suitable for therapists who have at least 1000 hours of previous massage training, or an equivalent combination of training and work experience. In order to qualify, therapists must successfully challenge our first-year final exam.

To help you decide if AP is right for you, we’ll have you complete a free self-assessment questionnaire before you take the full exam. It is a way for you to compare your knowledge and skills with what we cover in our first-year curriculum; you’ll be able to decide if you’d like to proceed with the exam, and also have a good rubric of what you need to refresh and study in order to succeed.

Once you’ve decided to take the exam, we have a wide selection of resources to help you prepare, including textbooks and other curriculum material.

The Challenge Exam

The exam you’ll be challenging is the first-year final, and covers everything we teach in first year: including anatomy and physiology, massage theory, ethics, relaxation massage sequences and strokes, and more. It has both written and practical components, and takes up to four hours to complete. The passing grade for the exam is 75% (just as it is for our first-year students).

If you are able to take the exam at the same time as a first-year class, the fee is $150. If you would prefer to set an individual exam date, the fee is $300.

“I wanted more in-depth knowledge to help me work with my clients and to be a better personal trainer. I hadn’t planned on practicing massage, but I really fell in love with it.” Read Katie's full story here »
Katie Rees
Katie Rees

Advanced Placement Application & Fee Details

AP students are eligible to apply for student loans, and may take advantage of our no-fee installment payment plan.

To apply for AP, use our Online Application Form or call the school to learn how you can increase your massage therapy credentials, qualify for insurance billing, and be ready for the upcoming regulation of the massage profession in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Class Schedules

You may choose between weekly, monthly, and weekend-only classes to fit your schedule. Learn more about your options here.

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