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Student & Industry Testimonials

Your Success is Our Reward

MH Vicars grads don’t just achieve academic success. Our grads are in great demand to work in clinics, wellness centres and spas, or to join co-op practices. We are grateful to everyone who takes the time to let us know just what kind of an impact we have had on their lives. Below are some of their stories.

I am very proud that I followed a passion, something I truly believed in, and succeeded in making a career out of that.

Terri Polowick, 2015 graduate

What am I most proud of in my career so far? Reaching the goals that I set out in my business plan ahead of time – that includes training goals and increasing my business. I am also proud that many of the clients that tried me out when I was a student are still my clients.

Vicki East, 2013 graduate
I have given myself a gift by going back to school

I love working with people and I feel that I have given myself a gift by going back to school to get the training that I needed.

Brenda Roy, 2016 graduate
...MH Vicars School is the best massage program.

As a therapist and an employer, I believe MH Vicars School is the best massage program.  I feel I was prepared for work when I left, and I have also hired many RMTs who have graduated from MH Vicars and they all been strong confident therapists.

Bree Skiba, 2007 graduate
The school was incredibly supportive...

The school was incredibly supportive of our venture. The instructors bent over backwards for us. We feel very fortunate that we get to do all the things that we love, have fun at the same time, and work with great people. Read more of Holly and Monique’s story here »

Holly Gibson and Monique McCardle, 2015 graduates

From a practitioner’s standpoint, being trained to the same minimum standard as everyone else in the country is huge. But there are schools that, unfortunately, aren’t going to do it until they have to. And that’s why it’s such an advantage what MH Vicars has done. You didn’t have to, but you did. And it shows the commitment you have to the profession at large—and it was not a small undertaking.

Christy Pritchard, Executive Director of the Massage Therapist Association of Alberta
I am very grateful for this program...

I am very grateful for this program, which allowed me to fulfill my heart’s desire to become a registered massage therapist and get a full 2200-hour program through blended learning. I live in Golden, BC and it would have been difficult to attend school full time in Vernon or Vancouver, but Calgary was close enough for me to travel to class once a month.

Every time I got my books out to complete the assignments or to study I felt a great excitement. The same feeling came over me when I got into my car and started driving through the Kicking Horse Canyon on my way to Calgary each week.

Lois Ricard
Lois Ricard, 2009 graduate