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Student & Industry Testimonials

Your Success is Our Reward

MH Vicars grads don’t just achieve academic success. Our grads are in great demand to work in clinics, wellness centres and spas, or to join co-op practices. We are grateful to everyone who takes the time to let us know just what kind of an impact we have had on their lives. Below are some of their stories.

I learned so much about myself...

Even after a busy day, I leave work so happy because I know that I’m helping so many people. I learned so much about myself while I was at MH Vicars. Between when I started school and when I finished, I gained so much more confidence: not only in my work, but in myself.

Emma Johannesson, 2017 graduate
It was hands-on...

I’m not much of a classroom person – I find it hard to sit and listen to a lecture. So the fact that it was only four classroom days a month worked really well for me. It was hands-on and I got to learn a lot of information in a short amount of time, and then take it home and digest it myself and reread. That setup worked really well for the way that I like to learn.

Karen Goforth, 2017 graduate
...Vicars had a weekend program...

I was working full-time and had kids. When I found out that Vicars had a weekend program, I knew that I’d be able to continue working while I was in school, which was key for us.

Jenna Kluthe, 2017 graduate
...placed me miles ahead of other school's graduates...

I’m proud to be a graduate of a school with a curriculum that placed me miles ahead of other school’s graduates in term of knowledge, skills, and professionalism.

Burhan Imamwerdi, 2017 graduate
MH Vicars School prepared me amazingly.

MH Vicars School prepared me amazingly. Great hands-on education rather than just textbook knowledge, plenty of practical work, and experience with real-life conditions often found in the massage field.

Samantha Marriott, 2016 graduate
I endorse MH Vicars wholeheartedly!

I often recommend MH Vicars when individuals question me about what massage school to attend. Graduates have been well prepared to face the challenges that they will undoubtedly encounter in the profession. Their assessment skills are excellent and they all seem to be very professional. I endorse MH Vicars wholeheartedly!

Kip Petch, RMT and CSMTA member
...a very positive, life-changing experience.

It was a very positive, life-changing experience. The material provided me with the knowledge and skills to make me feel very confident in my practice. The instructors really knew the material and were invested in each of us.

Monique Krushelniski, 2013 graduate
MH Vicars School prepared me fully for my career.

MH Vicars School prepared me fully for my career as a Massage Therapist. We learned anatomy, practical massage, the emotional component of working with people, business management, administration and so much more.

Henriette Smith, 2015 graduate
...flexible schedules...

The flexible schedules allowed me to raise my young family and still attend full-time school. MH Vicars has amazing teachers, an their extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and conditions gave me a skill set that has made me the massage therapist I am today.

Christine Huget, 2014 graduate
the most rewarding feeling you will ever have.

I love that a healing touch can do so much for someone. Seeing the way you affect someone’s life is the most rewarding feeling you will ever have.

Kirsty MacIntosh, 2012 graduate