Exercise of the Day: Uttanasana

Today’s exercise is a yoga pose called Uttanasana, or Standing Forward Bend:

Denise demonstrating Uttanasana, or Standing Forward Bend.

Like yesterday’s Seated Forward Bend, Uttanasana will open up your entire back line. But because it’s performed standing, it will also strengthen your legs and apply traction to your spine and spinal cord.

Massage is a physical profession, and RMTs need to stay active to be at the top of their game. A good therapist will also be well-versed in exercises that will benefit their clients. At Vicars, students spend a lot of time on remedial exercise, and our “remex” sessions incorporate exercises and stretches from many sports and athletic traditions. Practice along with us!

Each exercise is demonstrated by Denise Currie. In addition to being an RMT (and our Director!), Denise is a personal fitness trainer and highly regarded yoga practitioner who regularly trains other teachers.