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Class Schedules

MH Vicars' bright and welcoming classroom.
Choose the schedule that works for you

Massage Training Designed to Fit Your Life

We know that you have a lot of responsibilities and demands on your time. That’s why we have created weekly, monthly, and weekend-only classes to suit your needs.

The MH Vicars blended-learning approach combines independent learning with intensive on-campus sessions. When you’re on campus, you’ll practice hands-on skills, discuss massage theory, and learn about the human body.

When you’re away from the campus, you’ll spend 25-35 hours per week practicing what you’ve learned, completing practical and written assignments, and studying. You’ll stay connected to your classmates and instructors through our online learning website and work from your textbooks. New classes begin every September and January.

Is it right for you?

Blended learning may be a good fit if you:

  • Want to be a full-time student but can’t be in class 9-5
  • Don’t want to have to relocate to get a great education
  • Are self-motivated and have good time-management skills

This model is highly flexible and convenient for students who are working or raising families while they study. You can begin your massage therapy training in September or January. Availability of individual schedule options depends on campus and the time of year—contact us if you have any questions!

Edmonton or Calgary? You Choose.

We have campuses in both Edmonton and Calgary, and it’s up to you which one you’d like to attend. Most students attend the closest city to them, but students flying in each month from the North or from another province may choose either, depending on available transportation or accommodation. Call us to find which schedule options are available at each campus right now!

Monthly, Weekend, or Weekly Classes? You Choose.

Our program combines independent study with classroom instruction. Each module (which is about 4 weeks of study) includes 4 in-class tutorial days. Each of the following options has the same days of instruction each year, including supervised student clinics. Tuition for all options is the same, so you’re free to choose the class that fits best with your family and work schedules.

  • Monthly – Tutorials are delivered all at once, once a month on one long weekend (Thursday to Sunday) with an average of four weeks of independent study between sessions. Really helpful for students who must drive (or fly) some distance to attend class. You can take a full professional program without having to relocate!
  • Weekly – Classes are the same weekday every week. Students who live close enough to commute to the school every week and who are able to take time off or get childcare during the week really like this option.
  • Weekend – Tutorials are every other weekend (excluding holidays) on Saturday and Sunday, leaving plenty of time to work and get independent study done during the rest of the month. This is very popular with students who work Monday-Friday jobs and can’t get time off during the week.

Download the January 2019 schedules for Calgary and Edmonton.

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