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About MH Vicars School

A group of MH Vicars students sitting around a coffee table discussing lessons. Are you looking for online massage therapy courses? Try MH Vicars.
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Alberta’s Premier Massage College

Back in 1998, Maryhelen Vicars was where you are now: researching massage colleges and excited about embarking on a new career. But two years and two different schools later, she still loved massage, but didn’t feel all that well prepared to start a professional career.

She Wanted Something Done, So She Did It Herself

With her background in communications and adult education, Maryhelen began to plan the kind of school she wished she had been able to attend. With advice from academics and massage professionals, she put together a great team to write curriculum, plan classes, and get started. The model combined independent study with dynamic—and very focused—on-campus classes.

This model attracted rural students who couldn’t relocate, parents of young children, working professionals, and others who needed to train for a new career without sitting in a classroom 9-5.

The MH Vicars Community

We have great materials and a program that makes the best use of students’ time, but the school is what it is today because we have the best staff in the business. They are smart, funny, hard-working, enthusiastic, and committed. Just like you.

As the school has grown steadily over the years, so has our reputation: our grads are in great demand wherever they choose to practice. What makes us especially proud is how many of our graduates recommend the school to others. Our largest source of new students is by referral from one of our grads, or from one of their employers.

The support we offer our students doesn’t end when they graduate. We offer continuing education courses, networking events, charity fundraisers, and other in-person and online opportunities for our grads to stay connected to each other and the wider wellness community.

A Great Learning Space

Whether you’re visiting us in Edmonton or Calgary, one of our favourite things about meeting students for the first time is seeing their reaction to the look and feel of our campus environments. Students and guests are always delighted—and often surprised—
by how attractive and inviting we have made the space.

At MH Vicars, we believe that our students deserve the best school experience possible, and that attitude is reflected in the way we’ve designed the learning spaces. Both campuses feature bright colours, comfortable common areas, original artwork on the walls, and plenty of natural light.

“We wanted to make it look like the kind of clinic you would want to work in,” explains school founder Maryhelen Vicars. “It has a combination of a spa, home, and clinic atmosphere.”

A view of M H Vicar's study room with a large table in the middle for students. The school’s design stems from more than just a love of beautiful things; we believe that a welcoming space is simply a better place to learn. The distinctive decoration style is a reflection of the MH Vicars School philosophy that the students come first, and our willingness to go that extra mile to make their two years here as valuable as possible.

“We wanted it to be inspiring and comfortable. It doesn’t look like your usual school, because we don’t do things like your usual school,” says Maryhelen. “I have always felt that if you make school a happy destination, students will have a better experience. Our students feel cared for, and cared about.”

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